Born to cook, eat, write and travel, Cat Cannizzaro is Australia’s leading raw food gourmet chef. Her food, recipes, chocolates and food styling are sought out around the world. Cat focuses on simple and seasonal ingredients and inexpensive kitchen equipment to demonstrate and photograph her delicious creations. Cat’s love for travelling started when she left her home town of Wangaratta for Western Australia and while settling in Albany for a few years her passion for cooking was discovered while studying computer programming at Tafe in Albany, Western Australia.

‘It was the delicious aroma of cooking that wafted upstairs to the classroom I was studying in which caused me to venture downstairs to find the source and after meeting with some of the apprentice chefs, I just knew I was in the wrong class’.

Cat Canizzarro

It would become her obsession to change the course of her career and armed with nothing more than sheer determination and a background in organic gardening and slow cooking, Cat found her way into the industry and after obtaining her qualifications, found herself working in four star restaurants.

Later Cat would leave the industry due to family needs and pick up a camera and a pen and began to write for newspapers and magazines. This would bring about a move to Perth and while working in administrative roles, she penned her first manuscript which would earn her a writers award and rub shoulders with some of the best known authors in Australia. 

Living in Trigg overlooking the Indian Ocean, Cat would meet the man who would become her best friend and the love of her life, and with an invitation to join him in Dunsborough, Cat dismantled her life in Perth and moved to one of the most creative food areas of Western Australia.

This move would re-ignite her passion for food and Cat would re-enter the industry as head chef for a small restaurant in Margaret River. A chance meeting with Michelin 3 star Chef Felix Schroener from Germany who specialized in high end raw gourmet food saw Cat leaving her position to work and learn along side Chef Felix. This is where Cat really found her passion. Raw Gourmet and cooked vegan foods became her new venture in which Cat found a synergy with the organic gardening and slow cooking that she grew up with.

Now firmly established as Australia’s Leading Raw Food Gourmet Chef, Cat heads the cooking team for many health retreats in the Margaret River area, Ubud and Spain.

When not on retreat Cat can be found writing recipes for celebrity chef Pete Evans, personal chef to Super Food Guru David Wolfe in 2013, writing recipes for magazines, teaching qualified chefs in raw food preparation and producing her own brand of raw organic chocolate under her label WildRaw.


I get asked that question all the time. What do you actually do and are you a café/restaurant? Where can I find you? Where can I get your recipes?

I initially set up WildRaw as a business name for my raw chocolate label and for raw gourmet vegan workshops. As the business grew the eagerness to be even more sustainable than we already were, went from being a desirable long term project, to attainable and we where on our way.

WildRaw is about sustainability attainability and also sensibility. I use the word sensibility because I hear so many stories from extremists with food and lifestyle, which is simply a nightmare to sustain physically and financially. When it all goes to poop it then becomes the fault of some system that has let them down in someway.


WildRaw It’s about teaching and sharing the knowledge of how to become more self-reliant and how to implement those lifestyle changes, simply, efficiently and without breaking the bank. How to make raw, vegan, cooked vegan and cooked vegetarian delicious food. How to shop consciously and where to find those great food buys.

Imagine if you grew as many vegetables, fruit and herbs as you could, bartered and swapped with friends and other growers rather than running to a supermarket every time you need something. You can be assured of no chemicals and poisons that are too often used on the food we buy which has been heavily processed and transported from one state to another.

It’s one thing to think about it but it’s another to do it and do it well. WildRaw can help you bridge that gap between wanting to implement a new lifestyle and how to do it. Making those changes and creating a better lifestyle is a blissful and powerful way to live.

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