Self Love Through Food


How do we learn to love ourselves? My answer is, start with how you treat your body and the rest will follow.

YOU, are your first relationship. That includes your physical relationship with food. And, every time you deny your needs whether you are hungry, tired or sick you are sending a message to your body. That message might be that you don’t care enough about yourself or maybe you feel that you are just not important.

From the moment we are born we associate comfort and love with food. We just simply need to be eating the right food at the right times.

I know that preparing meals can be tiring at the end of a busy days work but doing this for yourself is a simple act of self love. By taking the time to source food consciously and from sources you know are clean from sprays and chemicals you will begin to build a sense of trust in yourself. When we take the time to sit down and enjoy our edible creations, mindfully and with gratitude, the sense of self-nurture and love begins to form.

Invest time and energy in planning and shopping for food. Get excited and invite your family to join you on a scavenger hunt at the markets, its a fun way to enlist the little ones to help find the necessary ingredients you will need to prepare good food. Use your farmers markets, small fruit and vegetables stores, roadside vendors and that friend who has an overflowing veggie patch.

It’s these simple ideas, a few hours invested in planning and shopping and you will be sending a strong message of self worth and value that will gently begin to seep into the unconscious. This will begin to improve your relationship with food and it’s these sustainable health changes that will last beyond any diet that you might try and try again.

You owe it to yourself to be the healthiest and happiest you can be and I can assure you this will not come out of a packet purchased at a supermarket or premade fast food.

I have always said in my workshops that one of the biggest and most important relationships people have is with food and most of those relationships are not as healthy as they should be; and I am not always talking about the health content of the food they are eating, it’s also about ‘food attitude’.

I have a great attitude towards food and I love preparing food with fresh local ingredients. Even more I love seeing the expressions of gratitude from family and friends when eating a meal that I have made. Even more the gratitude that my body replies with, the energy and vitality I need everyday day to do what I do.

For some of us, learning to love ourselves is a life-long journey but when we nourish our bodies with good food then we are saying yes to self-love and giving ourselves the power to achieve optimal health and happiness.


Cat Cannizzaro is a Chef specializing in Raw Gourmet Cuisine. Cat loves writing, teaching, and sharing her amazing raw food creations and passion for food with others. She will be sharing her best creations, at the Raw and Radiant Retreat (R&R for your Body, Mind and Soul) in Bali, where she teams up with author and wellness Coach Carl Massy for an amazing 4-days of gourmet raw food, master cooking classes, personal transformation workshops and so much more.  

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