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The Goodness of Raw Food


It’s time to write again and if you could see me right now you would probably be a little jealous if not smiling. I have just had my daily run on Yallingup beach, dipped in the forever turquoise waters of the lagoon and then once home I have rinsed off in our outdoor shower surrounded by our garden which is full of flowers. Yes, this is my life the only downside if you can call it that, is I have tossed and turned all night dreaming of recipes. That happens a lot and especially when I am in a creative mood. So after this I am heading off to the WildRaw Kitchen to create.

Firstly I would like to talk to you about the vitamin and mineral content of raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, which can help boost our immune system. Chewing gives our gums a great workout, keeps us feeling full and leaves our skin looking young and our eyes bright.

During summer and autumn in Australia, we are more likely to eat raw food because we are wanting to eat lighter, cooler dishes such as salads, juices, smoothies, nuts and fresh fruit.

Raw food contains more fibre than cooked food because boiling water absorbs vitamins B and C and the heat breaks down that much needed fibre. A lot can get lost during cooking so this time of year is a great time to get into Raw.

Raw food will help shed weight as uncooked vegetables have a higher water content than cooked so that extra bulk helps to fill you up too.

For some making a salad can be frustrating and everyone knows how to make a green salad but few know how to make a really good green salad. A salad that just simply sits above the ordinary and sometimes it can just come down to ingredients and how fresh the greens are and how they have been handled.

I always start with the freshest greens and from our garden but if you don’t have a veggie patch then start with seasonal greens and if it doesn’t look or smell fresh don’t buy it. My favourite greens are baby cos, rocket, and tuscan kale. Tuscan kale is more delicate than it’s curly counterpart, which is more robust and a little chewier or tougher on the pallet. I love to toss in herbs like basil, mint, parsley and a scatter of coriander leaves.

I never cut the leaves but gently remove stems from small leaves and trim out tough ribs on bigger leaves. Simple dressings are usually the best and equal parts of a good organic olive oil and fresh lemon juice blended with a few dates and seasoned with salt is a delicious dressing and one of my favourite. Don’t be scared of salt just be scared of white salt from the supermarket in plastic containers. I only ever use organic sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Now finish that delicious salad off with your favourite garden vegetables, drizzle with your freshly made dressing and season. Enjoy and if you need a little more bulk, scatter your salad with activated almonds or hemp seeds.

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