Terms & Conditions


  • Bookings for event/retreat/workshop requires 30 day advance booking.
  • Any other correspondence email/text/phone calls and itinerary to be finalized 14 days before event and no later.
  • Any correspondence regarding finished retreat must be made and finalised 14 days after retreat.
  • Chef hours will not exceed 10 hours per day.
  • All travel expenses to be paid by contractor which includes airfares, travel cost to airport and any parking or accommodation if required.
  • Final payment of 70% to be made to chef on last day of retreat (invoice will be supplied).
  • No shared accommodation /no room sharing.
  • Booking will include 30% down payment which is not refundable if the event is cancelled by event organisers.


WildRaw Recipes

  • You must not copy, reproduce, decompile, communicate, transmit, broadcast, republish, print,commercialise or otherwise distribute WildRaw recipes without permission.
  • If you slightly modify a recipe, then preface your version with ‘adapted from,’ and add a attribution.
  • If reproduction of a recipe is for financial gain or internet popularity for example facebook, blogging, workshops etc then always give an attribution. If in doubt seek permission.
  • All recipes remain the property and copyright of Cat Cannizzaro.


Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Workshops

  • Workshop cancellations after payment are non refundable however you can book another workshop any time.
  • The reason for this is that the workshops are small and intimate and there is usually not enough time to fill the cancelled spot.



Privacy Policy

Protecting your information is important.

At WildRaw we understand the importance you attach to information that identifies you (your ‘personal information’). This privacy policy tells you how we collect information when you visit this site and what we do with it.

We collect information about the time, date, duration and usage of the WildRaw website. We collect personal data for the purpose of providing a specific product or service requested by our customers and consumer marketing data. Certain information may be required in order to provide this product or service, including your full name, e-mail address, billing address, contact phone numbers. WildRaw uses statistics about the use of our website to continually improve it and to improve our customer service. If you submit information to WildRaw through the WildRaw website either using an electronic form or by sending an email we collect that information and use it for the purposes that you have provided it. We also collect information when people join our mailing list at the WildRaw store. As with all information we hold this will be compliant with our privacy policy. In addition, we may use your information to provide you with special offers, information about new products and special promotions that we think may interest you.

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